2nd Five Year Plan had more hidden taxation for the common man,but Desmukh showing a very pretty picture of furure to commonman by hiding it neatly. 1
After emargency all the member of Parliament was elected back as it was except Mr. Munshi since he didnt contest the election as he thought it was difficult.alas 1
After passing the Nationalisation of the Life Insurance Bill ,Deshmukh almost force all the sinking Private Insurance Company to sign under Government`s dotted lines. 1
Common man was hanging upside down from the sky of various taxes & high price with nothing to hold onto, yet Deshmukh & Nehru assuring them , that the Five Year Plan was like a nice big ladder they were growing which would pull them down safely just to hang on for the time being. 1
Deficit Finance was like a wild horse without a reins.Deshmukh forced common man to climb that wild dangerous horse, assuaring that he since was holding the rains all investment would be safe,actually it was otherwise. 1
Deshmukh is shown as a great agent whose rate was 5 to 40 percent and he can extract from every class of the society 1
Deshmukh kept experimenting on common man with his various ideas & bills and taxes.His idea of achieving full employment was - to encourage& give full importance to cottage industry as not only to boost rural economy, but also the source of development of power where educated common man would be used as the major source of man power and huge number of employment could be created. 1
Deshmukh led commomn man to the soaring cost of living index to another galaxy 1
Deshmukh was like a magician showing the common man that in future - funds form 5years plan & other tax relief would do wondersfor commonman but common man is sceptic to trust Deshmukh & his magic show 1
Deshmukh`s 5 years plan almost reaped the common man naked in the hope of a brighter future ,promised by Deshmukh 1