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Horror comics

Title : Horror comics
Date : 18.9.1955
Type : Cartoon
Identifier : A bill has been introduced in Parliament to ban horror comics
Description : There were many comics on Deshmukh & the Government that it seemed Deshmukh might make a bill to ban all the horror comics.: a)Deshmukh threatening commonman with a gun to pay more taxes. b)Nehruji was like a great magician with his five leaved magic wand he reduced the common man to harmless children. c)Guljari Lal Nanda was happy like a Pirate who found the plan of a great treasure because he was the incharge of the fund accumulated through 5years Plan. d.The Film censorship was handeld by Mr. Kesar, seemed like a wich doctor who all the film actors were scared of ,as he might cut any one with his giant scissors into pieces
Format : PDF
Language : English
Acc. No. : D-93
Publisher : Times of India, Delhi
Date : 18.9.1955
Source : IIC Library

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