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CS 65( C.Subramaniam)

Title : CS 65( C.Subramaniam)
Date : 1975
Type : Miscellaneous
Description : A special issue of the magazine published by JNNYC to celebrate the 65 the Birthday of C.Subramaniam .Many articles were written dedicated to him CS by various eminent personalities. Special message sent by then President ,Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed,13 Jan 1975, A message was sent by Swaran Singh Minister of External Affairs,14 Oct 1974, Another message byY.B.Chavan, 23 Dec1974, A message sent by V.P.Naik,then Chief Minister of Maharashtra , 30Dec 1974 A message sent by Mohanlal Sukhadia, Governor of Karnataka,2 Oct 1974, A message from C.V.Narasimhan of UN Nations Unies.December 1974. A greetings from T.S.Avinashilingam 15 Dec.1974. A message from K.Santhanam, editor Swarajya,26 Dec.1974. A message sent by Dr. Raja Sir MuthiahChettiar of Chettinadu,14 Jan 1975. The articles are as following : `My beloved guide ' by T.A.Pai `Can C.S. be 65 ?' by M.P Sivagnanam `Socialism & progress' by P.V. Rajamannar ` A valued friend' by C.D. Deshmukh `Forty Years of public service' by C.R. Ramaswamy `Mr. Subramaniam & `` organized will by J.G. Crawford, ` An example worthy of emulation' by Durgadas. `Felicitation to Mr. Subramanium on his 65 the Birthday' by Norman E.Borlaug & glen Anderson - commit `Whither India' by T.S. Avinashilingam. ` Economic growth & social Justice ' by LK.Jha `Many Splendored sport ' Dr, Manmcolm S. Adiseshiah `Mr. Subramanium an able Administrator by N. Mahalingam `C.S. can he excel himself? ' by Alladi Ramakrishna . `Distinguished Public servant' by A.M.M. Arunachalam `Definition of a gentlemen' by Mania `Recollections' by S.Ranganathan `C.S. an old friend of ours ' by Lilavathi Munshi ` Birthday tribute Thiru C.Subramanium' by K.K.Shah `C.S. a dreamer with firm feet ' by N. Anantha Krishnan
Format : PDF
Language : English
Acc. No. : F-9
Publisher : New Delhi
Date : 1975
Source : IIC Library

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